Shipping and return policies for The Other World

Shipping Info
We will ship our albums using the Dutch mail services. The prices are roughly calculated based on the weight of the CD. Due to the fact that we are no company but very busy engineering students of different disciplines, it might take a while longer to get it out the doors than you are used to. Please contact us if you doubt the progress of your delivery.

I can't pay online! What now?

If you don't have PayPal or a Creditcart but still want your copy of our album, please send a message to We will find a way to make the money transfer work, get it to you and make sure you get whats yours!
Return Policy
We are not responsible for your taste of music. If you don't like the music, it's your problem. We are also not responsible for damaged deliveries. Nobody can prove where it went wrong so it is not our fault. If your music player doesn't support our CD then it is not our problem either. You can only trust us with good faith that we send you a good product made with lots of love.

If ever you find yourself waiting too long for your shipment, you can always contact us and ask about the status. If you want to have us send your album with track-and-trace we can work something out.